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“80% of customers on social networks prefer to connect themselves to brands through Facebook”

Facebook is without a doubt the most widely used online social networking site with over 1.3 billion users (March 2016). If you don’t have a Facebook page then you need to get one ASAP. More and more people are going to Facebookin order to “check” to see how genuine a business is or whether it’s actually real. Having a well-liked Facebook page is a great way to gain major brand exposure, cultivate relationships, and communicate with a targeted audience.

Why Likes are important to your business

If you have a fanpage/business page that’s simple, vague and only have 10 “likes” then the average person isn’t going to take you seriously. No one wants to follow a page that has only a few fans. The more likes you have the higher publicity boost you’ll have. This will give you the social proof your site needs. If you have lots of likes it means people like your business and if people like your business you get a bunch of potential clients very fast.

Having likes raises your visibility

What exactly happens when someone “likes” your business’s Facebook page?When someone clicks your page and likes it that also flows out to their feed to all their friends. So 2,000 people like your page, and if each of them say have 200 friends then multiply that and you get 200,000 people that could see your page.

Build relationships

If your business’s page has 500 fans, then your status updates will be published in 500 people’s news feeds! And if an update contains great content, your fans may like it, comment on it, or share it with their friends. This kind of interaction builds customer loyalty and spreads your content virally through Facebook.

Communicate with the right audience

You also have the power to send direct messages (similar to email) to fans of your page. What’s more, you can target these messages so that you are contacting fans who are the right location, age, and gender for each piece of information, whether it’s a sale or info about a new product.


Professional Facebook Page For Your Business

> We will create a professional Facebook page for your business.

We will post up to 10-12 images with content on your page.

All the content will be copied from your website which will boost your page and website simultaneously.

We will also provide your professional business page with 30 likes which will attract more customers to your business.

Only £24.99


Let Us Maintain Your Social Media

> We will write 5 posts per week to keep your customers engaged in your products and services.

> We will professionally design special offers, events or product launches when needed (T & C’s apply).

Only £50.00


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