Tips For Promoting Your New Business

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  Wed, Mar 15, 2017     Biz Midlands  

Let’s say you’ve started a new business, something you’ve been dreaming for years. Your business plan has been accepted and the bank has released your finances, your products and service are ready for customers, office is set up, website has been created and launched. What now?

It’s time to start marketing your company so customers know who you are, where you’re located, and what you’re selling. Having a website isn’t enough; you need to get traffic there. Since everything is online these days, you need to work on a marketing strategy to get a free flowing of traffic to your website. Website traffic means online visibility which equates to potential customers and that’s what it’s all about – customers.  

If you plan on selling products online so that you can expand your customer base from where you live locally, you’re website will need a secure way to handle purchases. When you set up an online business where you sell products/items online, be sure to have some sort of security system in place so that customers can shop safely and securely. Make sure, you’re site can also handle coupon codes, discount vouchers, shipping charges and provides customers with a printable page receipt. All this information needs to be displayed on your website clearly so that customers can see it without having to strain their eyes.

Once you checked your website properly and have received positive feedback from family and friends, make it live so the whole world can see it. The easy work is done, now comes the potentially hard part. Your website is now ready for traffic. Traffic you say! How do you get traffic? The simplest way to get traffic to your website is through the age old method of communication. Yes, that’s right – communication. Start communicating with your customers both personally and digitally. Gather information from customers and potential customers so that you can start to send out email marketing notices, promoting sales, special coupons, new products or services etc.

Statistics show that we spend nearly ¼ of the day on social media. If that is to be the case, then you need to familiarise yourself with all the different social media platforms relevant to your business. We would recommend at least a minimum of three social media platforms to begin with and no more than five. Sometimes you can get too bogged down with social media marketing and forget about the other amazing forms of marketing. Try to post at least one post per day on each social media platform highlighting new products, services or special offers. You will be surprised how many people you can reach through this great marketing tool.   

As well as digital marketing, you might also want to put your products and services in front of potential customers at home and work. Print marketing allows you to promote your company name with cards, pens, calendars, brochures, letter heads, business cards and mouse mats. Make sure your company name, logo, website address and contact information is highlighted on any print marketing you do.

Starting a new business is a tough venture but marketing your company online and through the community will be a great way to get your name and information out in front of your customers. Biz Midlands is one of the fastest growing business directories in the Midlands offering free business listing, web development, SEO and social media marketing. We design and build websites that are responsive, high quality and creative. We also deliver each project on time and on budget. Give us a call today 0121 403 3109 or email to start your project.

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