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Q. Who can advertise on Biz midlands

A. Any B2B company can use biz midlands, from wholesalers to SME's to multinational companies. If you have a product to sell or a service to promote, Biz midlands could be the online solution for you.

Q. What products can I promote?

A. Biz midlands is not aimed at a specific industry, you can advertise any B2B service from wedding venues to car hire. As long as your products or services are aimed at a business market and serve a business need, Biz midlands is for you. Contact Biz midlands to find out more.

Q. Where did my details come from to be on this site? 

A. Most of the details on this site were found on publicly available internet sites.

Q. Can I promote services?

A. Biz midlandsis a product and service marketplace. If you offer a business service you can advertise on Biz midlands. With an easy to use simple online process, advertising your services with Biz midlands has never been easier.

Q. How do I know if people look at my products and services?

A. Biz midlands have multiple ways of monitoring traffic. Every day you can see the number of visits and page views on your business dashboard.

Q. How can I increase my exposure on Biz midlands?

A. Biz midlands offer various marketing products to give your products and services exposure. Our dedicated team can create a package suitable to your needs. Contact Biz midlands for more information.

Q. I am not from the UK, can I advertise on Biz midlands?

A. Biz Midlands only accepts adverts from companies based in the Midlands, UNITED KINGDOM. Contact Biz midlands for more information.

Q. How can I edit my details?

A. Editing your details is quick, easy and hassle free. If your company is already on Biz midlands, simply register to take control. Biz midlands have created a unique feature called ‘Claim my Business’ which allows you to make changes quickly and easily. Contact Biz midlands dedicated team for a tour on how to use‘Claim my Business’.

Q. How do I add my company?

A. Please use the Add Business/link in the navigation.  It's a short, simple process.  Make sure to keep an eye out for the confirmation email so as to click the confirmation link.

Q. What features do I get if I add my company?

A. This is a comprehensive list of all the free features when you add or amend your listing:

  1. Your business name
  2. A "tag line" that describes your business motto and a description field
  3. Inclusion up to 9 business categories
  4. Your street or mailing address. This can be turned off if you wish
  5. Your web site address
  6. Company contact details
  7. The year your business was founded
  8. Your hours of operation
  9. Unlimited images
  10. Links to your social networks - Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  11. Customer reviews
  12. Business phone number
  13. Map of your business location with 3D viewer

Q. How do I amend my company details that are incorrect?

A. From the Control Panel,go to Business Directory and click All Post. From action drop down, click Edit Post.  It's a short, simple process. 

Q. How can I register my details?

A. Registering with Biz midlands is easy and you do not have to have a company to do so. The registration process askes for minimal details about you and your business if you have one. Biz midlands then verifies your email address and you're done. Once registered you will have access to ‘Claim my Business’ and features including editing your company details etc.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Registering with Biz midlands is free. When you register your company you are entitled to a free company profile giving your company the basic Biz midlands exposure. If you would like to add B2B Product and Services pagesSocial MediaVideo etc. Contact Biz midlandsfor more information on a package that will give your business the optimum exposure.

Q. How long is the contract?

A. Biz midlandswould recommend a minimum of 12 months free listing  to ensure your advertising has the best opportunity to succeed. Email us for more information.

Q. Is it free to register?

Yes. Registering with Biz midlands is free and gives you access to a host of benefits (see above). The Biz midlands search facility is available for any user and is completely free, no registration is required.

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