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  Wed, Mar 15, 2017     Biz Midlands  

If you decide to list your business information on various online business directories over the internet, it is great way to enhance your online presence. By displaying information about your business you can improve digital marketing and raise your profile on local searches making it easier for customers to purchase your products and services. Listing your business on directories is a great way to advertise your company especially if you’re a start-up and have limited funds for marketing.

So how do they work?

Business listing works like a phone book but the big difference is its online and there is a massive scope to reach potentially more customers then conventional methods of advertising. There are hundreds of these sites on the internet which customers use to find out basic information about your business. This includes details like, name, address, phone number, website address, email, and industry category.

Typically, the best of these websites will include a more vigorous profile of your business which of course you will provide when you list your business. These give internet users your hours of operation, description of products and services, photo’s/video’s, location and customer reviews.

Listing on Google, Yellow Pages and directories such as Biz Midlands, helps you in two ways;

  1. Listing allows people to find information about your products and services in local Bing, Yahoo and Google searches.
  2. Having your business listing correctly on the various online directories gives your SEO ranking a boost.

It’s all well and good listing your company on these free directories but is the information you have included correct, accurate and up-to-date? Sometimes incorrect and inconsistent information on free listing websites can hurt your search rankings and potentially damage your reputation with customers. After all, the last thing you want when customers find your business online is for them to call an incorrect phone number, drive to your old address or receive incorrect information about your products/services. It’s not nice dialing a number and later finding out that the number is no longer in service. Experiences like this can leave a bad taste in customer’s mouth and the likelihood is that they will NOT use your service again.

The inconsistency in information can kill customer confidence in your company, degrading your reputation and sales potential over time. On the other hand, the consistency in your information on business directories builds confidence in your customers. It signals to them that your business is reputable, reliable and gets the details right. For example, it’s always nice to dial a number and find someone at the other end. The consistency of your companies information also builds confidence when it’s crawled by search engines. This strengthens your websites rankings when customers search for you on Google, Bing and Yahoo. In this way, having strong listings is one way to boost or reinforce your search engine optimisation efforts.

In summary, if you do decide to list your business on these sites, make sure you get the basics right. Not having the correct information about your company can cause more damage to your reputation then you can imagine. Once you have signed up to a business directory, spend some time going through your company profile and check for any errors. Free business listing is an essential component for digital marketing and if done well will increase your company’s website visibility.

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